BCS CST Part 1 - evidence of recent professional development

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Types of evidence

You need to show evidence of at least 20 hours of eligible CPD. The following pointers should help you to decide which of the CPD you have undertaken is eligible:

1. It should have been undertaken within two years of the time of submission for the certificate

2. It should be one of these types of CPD:

Delivering CPD or attending CPD are both acceptable. For other types of CPD check with the Certificate team that this is OK.

How to submit your evidence

Your CPD is completed in the form of a professional development log. You can add to this at any time. When it is complete, you can submit it to your e-assessor. Before submitting, you must make sure that you have included:

What does the professional development log look like?

The following table gives you an indication of what will be needed to complete the log.
Professional Development Log

Alternatively you can view the log here in Word or as a PDF.


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