Network of Excellence - Universities

University faculty (both Computer science and Education departments) are central to the success of the Network.  There is a need for both subject knowledge and pedagogical knowledge development.  We want to encourage university colleagues to forge links with the primary and secondary schools in their area, find out what they need, work with master teachers in the area to design and deliver SKE courses, find ways of utlising undergraduates or post-graduates to support both curricular and extra-curricular activiteis with the schools or just be at the end of a friendly email stream to help answer questions from the teachers. 

If your university is not currently in the Network of Excellence, or if it is and you would like to be added to our mailing list, please add your details using this form. Although the Network of Excellence funding for master teachers is only for schools in England, do please join us if you are from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland too.

There are currently 78 universities in England registered as part of the Network as shown in the map below. Click here for some examples of university activity.

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