CAS Master Teachers

Over the last 30 months the CAS Master Teacher programme has grown to nearly 400 teachers. From September 2015 the Network will be organised through a number of CAS Regional Centres who will organise and manage the various CPD opportunities in their region. This will include the work of new (and existing) Master Teachers.

The ethos of the CAS Master Teacher programme is simple. Experienced, high performing classroom teachers, with the full support of their Head Teacher, are made enabled to support other teachers of Computing in their local area. This support may take the form of low-cost training sessions and other mentoring and coaching opportunities. Such support forms an essential part of developing a community of professional practice, alongside the other activities initiated by local CAS Hubs and our University partners in the Network of Excellence. As well as the subject and pedagogical knowledge CAS Master Teachers help develop, a key part of the role is building a supportive relationship, based on mutual trust amongst colleagues.

What characterizes all Master Teachers is a passion for the subject, enthusiasm, energy and active involvement in CAS activities. Not everyone is a subject expert when they start, but all are respected classroom practitioners. Master Teachers are, first and foremost, teachers.

Master Teacher Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions all Master Teachers need to agree to (from September 2015) in order to remain a Master Teacher:

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