Lead Schools - Network of Excellence

All schools (primary or secondary) in England are welcome to the join the NoE.  By doing so your school is making a public statement that Computing is important for your pupils.  When registering to join your school can self-designate as a Lead School which means your school is taking a lead for Computing and computer science education in your area by supporting other schools.  At the end of each academic year Lead Schools are required to complete an activity audit in order to maintain their status as a lead School in the NoE.

Lead Schools are expected to:

You may also wish to:

It is expected that Computing staff in lead Schools will be members of CAS!

Current status (May 2015):

  All Lead Active Primary Secondary
Schools 1459 505 1385 523 961
Lead Schools   505 505 213 327
Member Schools 880   880 274 595
  ks1 ks2 ks3 ks4 ks5
Member Schools 239 279 679 665 495
Lead Schools 186 214 309 306 231

Membership Benefits of being a Lead School

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