Government back cybersecurity resources

Cyber security is a hot topic, both at a global level - new cyber attacks on businesses, Government and consumers are reported daily - and in the every-day lives of young people who are regularly confronted with risks to their online safety.  The new computing curriculum aims to equip children and young people with the skills they need to participate effectively in the digital world.  Good cyber security is essential to this, which is why it will be an important component of the new computer science GCSE and also of level 3 and 4 digital vocational qualifications. 

The Government has funded innovative teaching resources and education programmes to help schools and FE colleges engage pupils in this interesting and important issue.  These are free of charge, and range from lesson plans and teaching materials to competitions and expert speakers.  You can find more information in a new leaflet, available to download now at:

The guide was announced as part of a number of cyber security skills announcements yesterday:

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