CAS Regional Centres supporting teacher engagement for the BBC micro:bit

The BBC and partners unveiled the BBC micro:bit in July 2015. The micro:bit is a pocket-sized, codeable computer that allows children to get creative with technology. In the BBC’s most ambitious education initiative for 30 years, up to 1 million devices will be given to every 11 or 12 year old child in year 7 or equivalent across the UK, for free.
Fundamental to the success of the BBC micro:bit, the BBC and partners will be working closely with teachers, educators and schools to ensure that resources, information and support are available in advance of micro:bit distribution, supporting the curriculum. BBC Learning will also provide resources including Live Lessons, getting started videos, projects and tutorials.
Devices will begin to arrive for teachers before Christmas, giving them the opportunity to build this into lesson plans for the rest of the academic year, and the nationwide rollout will take place early in the new year (For more information click here).Face to face training for teachers will be provided through the Computing At School network of Master Teachers, CAS Hubs and Lead schools. These trainers will be given ‘train the trainer’ sessions through the brand new CAS Regional Centres (CRCs) which are based in ten universities across England.  The CRCs have been offered the opportunity to run a micro:bit Roadshow for their regional Master Teachers, Hub Leaders and Lead School contacts starting from late September until the end of October. The roadshows will be supported by the BBC and the partners and micro:bit roadshow delegates will be given the opportunity to have hands-on practical experience of coding the device. They will also be given access to the huge range of resources currently being created by the BBC and the partners. Each delegate will also receive a hard copy of the micro:bit QuickStart guide for teachers. This is also available in electronic form here
We are delighted that the micro:bit Roadshow team presenters will be headed up by Michael Braun, teacher educator from the USA and an expert on the micro:bit in the classroom.













Michael is a computer science teacher and an award winning educator. He has been part of the core team behind the Micro:Bit and created all the lesson plans. When he is not supporting he loves to run student hackathons.

Find out about your regional event here!

CRC Date of roadshow Book your place here!
CAS London Saturday 26th September  at King’s College, London
(2 half day sessions)
Sold out!
CAS South East 28th September , University of Southampton
CAS Yorkshire & Humber Tue 29th September at the National STEM Centre, University of York
(full day)
CAS North West - Lancaster 30th September , Lancaster University
CAS West Midlands Saturday 3rd October,  Birmingham City University
CAS North East 6th October,  Newcastle University Fully booked!
CAS East Midlands 15th October,  Nottingham Trent University
CAS East of England 17th Oct,  University of Hertfordshire
CAS North West 21st October (TBC),  University of Manchester  
CAS South West                        23rd October, University of Plymouth       






So what will happen at a BBC micro:bit roadshow?

Delegates will be given an introduction to the BBC Micro Bit and how it can be used to support students to develop excellent computational thinking skills in the classroom.
Sustainability for the micro:bit in schools will be discussed – what happens next?
Practical Workshops: there will be a range of workshops involving hands on activities with the BBC micro:bit aimed at building user confidence.
The opportunity to network and discuss ideas.
Access to a ‘micro:bit Roadshow in a Box’ set of resources will be provided.

‘BBC micro:bit training is bringing together secondary educators in a way we have not seen before, we hope that it will build and enrich networks to continue CPD across other aspects of computing education’. Jane Waite, CAS London
‘We are looking forward to seeing how micro:bits can be used to support the curriculum and help your new students engage with Computer Science’ Rebecca D'Cruz, CAS East of England


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