Announcing the CAS Regional Centres

The CAS community has grown, and is still growing, by approximately 400 people every month. This is just wonderful! Many community members take on a role leading and serving their local community either through running a hub or running training courses in their role as a CAS Master Teacher or University Partner. Each individual plays a vital role in ensuring that the subject of Computing becomes firmly established in all Primary and Secondary schools across the country. By sharing their own understanding and experience of Computing with other teachers, at both Primary and Secondary level, they are taking the lead in helping build a confident, enthusiastic and effective community of Computing and Computer Science teachers across the whole of England.

Managing, overseeing and communicating such activity to all members is becoming something of a challenge! To assist in this, CAS are establishing ten university-based CAS Regional Centres (CRCs), funded by the DfE. This will further extend the support available to Master Teachers and other CAS champions, to help them engage with and support other teachers in their area. As such, the role of the new CRCs is very much about nurturing and supporting communities of practice, at the heart of which lie the CAS Master Teachers and our local hubs.

The regional centres are:

  •     CAS North East (Newcastle University)
  •     CAS South West (Plymouth University)
  •     CAS South East (University of Southampton)
  •     CAS East of England (University of Hertfordshire)
  •     CAS London (King’s College/Queen Mary University of London)
  •     CAS East Midlands (Nottingham Trent University)
  •     CAS West Midlands (Birmingham City University)
  •     CAS North West - Manchester (University of Manchester)
  •     CAS North West - Lancaster (Lancaster University)
  •     CAS Yorkshire and the Humber (University of York)

Each university will be working closely with the Master Teachers in their area, to help them to support local teachers and schools and build regional communities of practice through activities such as regional conferences.

The CRCs will be sharing their plans in your region very soon. In the meantime, if you have any queries about the changes please contact; and if you or any colleagues need support in teaching Computing, please do contact your local Master Teacher and check up on the activity of your local hub.

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