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CAS does not have bright shiny offices with staff. We are reliant on the many committed professionals who run regional hub meetings, deliver local CPD courses, contribute to the online forum and post their teaching resources to the community site.

However, there are a few key people who are available to work with and for the community including those engaged wituh the Network of Excellence programme.

Simon Humphreys, National Coordinator

Simon is the National Coordinator for the Computing At School working, which roughly translates to steering the direction and ethos of CAS and managing the day-to-day activities of the CAS group.

Simon taught for 25 years before working for CAS, he ran several music departments before a hearing impairment forced a change in direction and he went back to university.  Having graduated with a first-class degree he taught A Level Computing at Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge.

With colleagues and friends from other schools, academia and industry he formed the Computing At School working group.  He has overseen the development of CAS from a small group of 20 to an organisation of over 15,000 members.  

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Mark Dorling, National CPD Coordinator

Mark has a first-class computing degree and is a primary-trained teacher with secondary teaching, lecturing and industry experience. He has taught in both all ability and selective schools, leading the introduction of computing across all key stages. In 2008 he established and lead a cross phase (Key Stage 2/3) transition project called the Digital Schoolhouse at Langley Grammar School.

Mark helped setup the NoE team when the project was launched in the summer of in 2012. This was initially on a part-time secondment funded by sponsorship from OCR, whilst lead the Digital Schoolhouse project at Langley Grammar School two days per week. From August 2013 he moved to the project full time.

Mark's main responsibility is to recruit and train CAS Master Teachers, he is looking to recruit those who are highly motivated, expert and experienced; knowing that these teachers will be back in their communities supporting classroom teachers with the challenges that lay ahead and spreading the grassroots 'can do' vibe of Computing At School.

Mark can be contacted at or followed at @MarkDorling. 

Claire Davenport, CAS Regional Hubs Support Coordinator (Part Time - Monday - Thursday)

Claire has supported the Hub network from their beginnings of a handful of groups to now over 100. Before this, she worked in Educational Outreach at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT,  as an Analyst/programmer for a number of retail organisations and Technical Writer in the Telecommunications industry.
She works with the Hub Leader from initial set-up to supporting them throughout the academic year to maintain their vibrant and active groups. Claire enjoys working with a fabulous group of enthusiastic individuals who have volunteered to run these groups in their spare time, and through their energy maintain the groups as great places for people to network informally and leave meetings brimming with ideas to take back to their classrooms. Having worked for CAS, alongside Simon Humphreys since the start of the group, Claire can usually identify the right person to answer CAS queries!

Sue Sentance, Accreditation & Research Co-ordinator (Part Time  - Thursday/Friday)

Sue works for Computing At School part-time with responsibility for the new BCS Certificate of Computer Science Teaching which has been set up by Computing At School to provide professional recognition for Computing teachers.  Sue also has overall responsibility for the evaluation of the effecitveness of the Network of Excellence.

Sue is also establishing a scheme to support practitioner research in the teaching of Computer Science in school. Do contact her is you might be interested in carrying out classroom research projects in computer science pedagogy or if you are an academic who would like to support teachers in doing this.

Sue can be contacted at or followed at @suesentance. Sue also works at King's College London.

Catriona Lambeth, Developer (Part Time)

Catriona has 30 years experience of many aspects of software design, development and support. She is helping the NoE team automate processes and design systems to handle the growth of the network. She is excited to be involved in a project which may change the outlook of pupils of all ages as they discover the pleasures of coding and creating computing engines.






Sam Cahill - NoE Administrator

Sam joined BCS on 30 September 2013 after ten years working  for law firms.  Prior to that she organised international business conferences which were on topics as diverse as financial markets, regional economies, tourism, defence, health and crime. She is looking forward to the challenges that her role in the development of the Network of Excellence will bring over the coming months.






Miles Ellison, NoE Administrator

Miles joined the NoE admin team in the summer of 2014, having previously worked for BCS Learning & Development in the Client Services team of its Qualifications department.






Yvonne Walker, CAS Hub Champion, Quickstart

Yvonne worked in the science industry for 17 years before retraining to become a primary school teacher. She then worked as a Local Authority ICT Consultant for 12 years during which time she provided training for primary school teachers on the use of ICT to support teaching and learning. Yvonne has recently been a L2 Primary Master Teacher in a large primary school in Lincoln. Yvonne is now working for CAS as a CAS Hub Champion. This involves supporting schools to set up as CAS Hubs. A CAS hub is a meeting of teachers and lecturers who wish to share their ideas for developing the teaching of computing in their schools, their classrooms and their community. It is a meeting of like-minded professionals with the general objective of supporting each other and the specific aim of providing (at least) one idea that can be taken and tried in the classroom.If your school is interested in finding out more about this then please email for information.

Tim Ward, CAS Hub Champion, QuickStart (Part Time)







Roger Davies, CPD Coordinator, Newsletter (Part Time)

Director of IT at Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria. Editor of the CAS termly magazine, SwitchedOn. Worked in printing for 7 years before becoming a Design & Technology teacher. Started teaching IT in 1991 and drifted into teaching A level Computing almost by accident shortly afterwards. Largely self taught in many areas, I do empathise with teachers today who find themselves starting to teach the subject with little or no background knowledge. A little help goes a long way! Alongside a fascination for technology my educational interest stems from a belief in the generic value of 'computational thought' for developing thinking skills in all children. This is applicable to many areas of study, not just computing.



Yota Dimitriadi, Master Teacher Training (L1), (Part Time)

Yota is currently a Lecturer of Technology Enhanced Learning and Computing in Education and Teaching Fellow at the Institute of Education, University of Reading.   She has teaching experience in both primary and secondary schools. She is particularly interested in inclusion and has led projects in the field of SEN-D including chairing the previous BCS School Experts Panel on Inclusion.

Yota supports the Level 1 Master Teachers’ Training Programme for Computing At School. The programme (delivered via university providers) aims to support teachers with developing the necessary subject knowledge to graduate to the Level 2 CAS Master Teacher programme.

Yota can be contacted at and followed at @yotadimitriadi.


Claire Morgan, BCS Certificate Manager (Part Time - Tuesday to Thursday)

Clare will shortly be joining us as the Certificate Manager for the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching.







Jeremy Barlow - BCS Academy Development Manager

Jeremy looks after the operational aspects of the NOE making sure it has the relevant resources to support its activities.  He also looks after the BCS Academy scholarship programme which is supporting a new generation entering the teaching profession.

Jeremy has been at BCS for a number of years and so has been involved with the NOE to varying levels since its inception a couple of years ago.  We have seen something of a revolution over the past couple of years in terms of the changes to the curriculum and the inclusion of CS in the EBacc, for example.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students and teachers.  It is great to be able to support existing teachers with the transition and encourage a new generation of teachers into the mix.  The NOE is all about educators sharing their expertise and supporting others so it is especially satisfying to see such enthusiasm among the community.

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